Let’s talk about Thanatophobia.

 The fear of death.


Thanatophobia is an extreme fear of personally dying and/or being dead that impacts the otherwise "normal" or healthy functioning of the person possessing this fear that might appear disproportionate to an outsider relative to the actual risk or threat the individual faces. While most people generally experience some level of discomfort or anxiety when confronted with the reality of human mortality in a dyi

ng/death situation such as in a hospital, home, or hospice during the dying process, or during a funeral, memorial, or interment service after a lo

ved one dies, this uneasiness does not generally constitute thanatophobia (although this term is sometimes misapplied in these instances). fearing the loss of your life is both natural and generally beneficial but typically doesn't rise to the level of thanatophobia unless your fear also affects your otherwise normal lifestyle and/or your response might appear disproportionate to an outsider relative to the actual risk or threat you face.


Do you think you have thanatophobia?

Does fearing death take over your everyday thoughts? Keep you awake at night? Restrict you from leaving your home because you are afraid something might make you ill or you might have an accident? Always think of the worst cast scenario when you are unwell or even feel slightly under the weather? Feeling depressed and helpless? *Whats the difference between a fear and a phobia* Any fear concerning an object or situation can potentially rise to the level of a phobia. Many people dislike finding a spider in their home, for example, but unless your fear of these creatures induces you to actually leave your home after discovering one crawling on a wall or forces you to avoid forests, parks, or other areas that harbor spiders at all costs, etc., then your fear of spiders generally doesn't constitute arachnophobia. While the causes of any phobia are complex, thanatophobia (and our fear of death in general) can arise from any/all of the following concerns people usually feel about their personal mortality, to name but a few: Fearing a sudden or prolonged death. Fearing a painful or gruesome death. Fearing the unknown or "What lies beyond?" Fearing for the well being of loved ones/survivors in the future. Fears rooted in past painful or negative life experiences.


What is the difference between Necrophobia vs. Thanatophobia 


Necrophobia is different from thanatophobia. While both terms are often confused or misapplied to refer to the same fear, necrophobia refers to an intense, often irrational, fear people exhibit when confronted with dead "things" such as the remains of a deceased human being or animal, or an object we typically associate with death, such as a casket, coffin, cemetery, funeral home, tombstone, etc.


The specific causes of thanatophobia within any single individual is often complex. If you suspect you suffer from this particular phobia, then you should seek care from a qualified mental health professional.