Professional cognitive behaviour therapy should be available to everyone 

A little bit about me 
As a child i suffered from severe anxiety, OCD and anorexia and it was a very gruelling time for myself and my parents with many visits to various hospitals and therapists. 
I started my working life as a hairdresser but at 19 I decided to train to be a psychologist because i wanted to be the change i wanted to see in the system but also because i strongly feel that the best person to help you out of a dark place is a person who has been there themselves. A wise therapist once told me 'I have been down this dark hole myself, so if you take my hand I'll help you find a way out.' Her words stayed with me for a long time and i felt compelled to help others 

Why Phone and Video Call Therapy?
I have worked for several charities over the years working with lonely elderly people and also on a helpline for people with anxiety and i realised that there was very little help for people from their own home yet many people weren't able to attend therapy for various reasons such as working hours, children, agoraphobia, disabilities, travel issues or the lengthly waiting lists. 

I also find that people feel more comfortable in their own environment and therefore find it easier to open up. Some clients simply don't like the idea of visiting a therapist or psychiatric unit and feel more comfortable having therapy from home as it feels more neutral and less intrusive. 

Is Therapy Over The Phone Or Video Call As Effective

Research has found that Cognitive behaviour therapy online is just as effective as face to face especially video calls as it allows the therapist to observe the clients tone of voice, body language and overall demeanor as if you were together in the same room It is also 36% cheaper than face to face therapy! There are some many people who need help and cannot or will not get it because they either cannot or will not go and see a therapist for example those with severe anxiety issues or suffer from depression and has a hard time getting out of bed can have therapy and slowly work on their mental health in the comfort of their own home at their own pace. 

How much is it?
My prices are currently £25 an hour due to coronavirus. I would like to help as many people as i can during the troubling time. Payments can be made safely via the Paypal link on my website and i offer discount for block booking. If you are worried about costs but feel you would benefit from my help please don't hesitate to call to arrange student or OAP discount. 

If you feel you would benefit from online therapy give me a call for a free consultation on 07540363731 or email me at