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Helping people and businesses resolve disputes

Loveday Online Therapy and Mediation is here to help people, businesses and institutions negotiate and compromise in confidence, in a safe and non-judgemental space online.

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What is mediation?

 Mediation can help settle disputes between businesses or individuals. With my commercial mediation online, if you are not in a position to negotiate fairly, for example, a mediator can help to restore balance, giving you the chance to put your case confidently and without fear. Mediation can be for all kinds of dispute, including financial disputes, family disputes, landlord disputes, disputes involving personal injury, property, negligence, or guardianship.





Which kind of disputes can I help settle?

General disputes involving families

Loveday Online Therapy and Mediation provides expert online mediation to assist individuals and families in resolving disputes amicably, offering a private and constructive platform for dialogue to foster understanding and agreement.

Landlord/tenant disputes

Navigate landlord and tenancy conflicts with ease through my online mediation services, designed to facilitate open communication and negotiation, ensuring mutually beneficial resolutions without the need for costly and time-consuming court proceedings.

Probate (Wills and Inheritance) disputes

When it comes to sensitive probate matters, including wills and inheritance disputes, Loveday Online Therapy and Mediation offers compassionate guidance and mediation services, helping families find equitable solutions and avoid the complexities of legal battles.

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Construction disputes

Resolve construction-related conflicts efficiently through our online mediation platform, where parties involved can engage in productive discussions, ultimately reaching agreements that save time, money, and maintain positive working relationships.

Shipping disputes

My specialised mediation services address all aspects of shipping disputes, providing a neutral environment for parties to discuss and resolve conflicts in the maritime industry, and promoting fair and mutually beneficial outcomes.

Contract disputes

Loveday Online Therapy and Mediation assists businesses and individuals in navigating contract disputes, offering a reliable online mediation process that emphasizes communication and compromise to achieve mutually acceptable resolutions.


Disputes involving the buying and selling of products and services

Facilitate smooth resolutions in disputes related to the buying and selling of products or services with my commercial mediation online, promoting fair negotiations and preserving business relationships without the need for litigation.

Clinical negligence disputes

If you have experienced clinical negligence, my experienced mediation can guide you through sensitive discussions, fostering understanding and communication to reach resolutions that address concerns and avoid the emotional toll of court proceedings.

Disputes involving finances

Loveday Online Therapy and Mediation offers mediation services to address financial disputes, providing a neutral platform for parties to collaboratively work towards solutions that ensure financial fairness and avoid protracted legal battles.

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Disputes involving property

Navigate property-related conflicts with our online mediation expertise, facilitating constructive discussions to reach resolutions that address concerns and maintain the well-being of all parties involved.

Sports and media disputes

Our online mediation services extend to sports and media disputes, offering a structured and impartial platform for resolving conflicts, ensuring fair outcomes and preserving relationships within the dynamic world of sports and media.

Intellectual Property disputes

Loveday Online Therapy and Mediation specialises in mediating intellectual property disputes, helping you to engage in constructive dialogue, leading to resolutions that protect the interests and intellectual property of all involved.



Social housing disputes

Address social housing disputes effectively through our online mediation services, fostering communication and understanding to achieve resolutions that prioritize the well-being of individuals and communities.

Neighbour disputes

Resolve neighbourly conflicts peacefully with Loveday Online Therapy and Mediation. I offer a confidential platform for all parties to discuss and negotiate, finding resolutions that promote harmony and avoid prolonged disputes.

Disputes over land (e.g. Rights of Way)

My mediation is ideal for helping you in handling disputes over land, including rights of way, providing a neutral space for parties to engage in constructive discussions and find mutually agreeable resolutions.

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My experience

I am qualified and accredited for commercial mediation online through Align Mediation Training. I have experience mediating in a number of disputes involving landlords, letting agents, the prison service, the NHS, and businesses, individuals and bodies across the UK.

My work is fully confidential and does not involve any legal advice. I am there to listen to each argument and guide each party in the best way possible towards coming to a resolution. Whether you are at loggerheads with a business rival or a family member, you can rely on Loveday Online Therapy and Mediation to be impartial and non-judgemental at all stages.