Forgotten: I Am Different, Not Less

The New Book by Terri Skye

Forgotten follows the journey of a young woman through the mental health system. The story begins when she was six years old and diagnosed with anxiety, OCD, depression and anorexia. She was one of the youngest on the ward. It shows the bitter truth behind being a patient at such a young age in a mental health institution. She takes you through various stages of her life such as her school years where she struggled but didn't understand why, she describes how frightened she was in such a catching way you can almost feel yourself in her little shoes. She takes you through her life of adolescence where it becomes apparent that friends are important and she has a moment of clarity in her life.

It takes a turn for the worse when she falls in love and is beaten up and hides it from her parents - The most gripping chapter that will startle most readers and hopefully help anyone who is in a similar situation to realise that it isn't ok to be treated in that way. She was diagnosed with Asperger's and bipolar at the age of 30 after over 20 years of fighting for help.

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