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Carlee is a fully qualified and insured cognitive behavioural specialist who studied psychology for over 9 years and qualified with honours. She is passionate about being the change she wishes to see in the world and has extensively studied clinical hypnotherapy,  autism, anxiety, depression, criminal law, family law, anti-social behaviour, child protection, parental mental health, domestic violence and abuse. The list of qualifications she obtains just keeps on growing with her passion to help others. She now has a successful private online therapy business as well as working in prisons offering practical and emotional support to prisoners and ex offenders. She is always showing her resilience and strong nature from her own past struggles along with her quick wit and quirky personality that makes anyone who meets her glad they did. 

Life is full of challenges that aren't always in our control and can be difficult to understand but Carlee believes that everyone has the ability to access their most fulfilling and happy life. Working alongside Carlee can help you identify what's going wrong and where you can make changes to improve your happiness, relationships, and overall well-being. Carlee uses a client-centred approach to provide the most individualized treatment. She incorporates various forms of therapy: cognitive behavioural, strengths-based, solution-focused, and mindfulness-based techniques in a friendly and down to earth manner 

Carlee believes the most crucial part of therapy is establishing a comfortable rapport with your therapist and create a safe, judgement-free space to explore how you feeling. She is fully qualified to work with both adults and children.






Carlee's Professional Background

Fully Trained Cognitive Behavioural Therapist

Carlee is fully qualified, accredited and certified to give cognitive behavioural therapy online. She is registered with the Guild, a professional directory of psychotherapists, so you can have total confidence in the quality of services she provides.

Over Nine Years of Studying

Carlee knew, from a young age, that she wanted to dedicate her life to helping others overcome mental illness after facing personal struggles of her own. So, she devoted nine years of her life to studying Psychology and Social Science.

Mental Health Charity Work

She has, additionally, worked with the mental health charity No Panic ( This charity shares her passion and dedication to improving the lives of anybody suffering with anxiety.

Anxiety Support Through Facebook

Carlee runs a Facebook group for anxiety support that has been very successful. There is a lovely friendly atmosphere there, which is exactly what you can expect if you choose to undertake Online Therapy with her.


If you have any queries or would like to discuss the therapy services that Carlee offers, then please get in touch and she will happily answer any questions you have.




Block Session Booking Available 

Carlee offers a 10% discount when you choose to book 6 or 12 Online Therapy sessions upfront, allowing you to properly plan out when you would like your CBT sessions

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An Empathetic Approach 

As a child, Carlee struggled with the mental health disorders anxiety and OCD. Now, as a therapist, this makes her deeply empathetic and enables her to relate to patients much more closely than other therapists might be able to. Carlee knows, first-hand, how important it is to have a friendly, confidential and safe environment, which is why she would never dream of offering anything less in her cognitive behavioural therapy online and hypnotherapy online.

Please get in touch for a casual chat and we can take the first steps to improving your mental health and well-being.

Patient's Perspective of Therapy

Due to having personally undergone therapy, Carlee is in a unique position to address any concerns, worries or hesitations you might have. She is very down-to-earth and friendly, and will always keep your best interests at heart.  

Passion to Make the World a Better Place

Carlee understands how much mental health issues can hold you back in life but it doesn't have to be that way. Carlee has witnessed CBT improve a variety of mental health conditions, which is why she has dedicated her career to providing cognitive behavioural therapy online.






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Everybody should be able to enjoy their lives to the fullest, without fears, phobias, anxiety, low self-esteem, relationship problems, addictions, OCD, stress, panic attacks or PTSD getting in the way. Want to start living the freest, happiest and most confident life that you can?

Please contact Carlee so she can work with you to make the changes you want to make.

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